Understanding your client, the big why

It’s one of my first questions for my client.

It answers why he or she needs the image.

Keep asking all the “why’s” and you find out how to make the image effective.

Typical questions  are:

·    Who is your audience / viewer

·    What is your goal – sell, illustrate, tempt, explain the object or concept.

·    What is your expectation

·    What is your budget

·    Where or how do you place your image _ web, print, billboard, bus, TV etc.

·    Why did you choose me

Some clients walk in and tell me it takes only one hour to make the photos and how they want it to be made. Those clients are not for me, some one else can have this nightmare.

Some clients come with a detailed brief from their agency explaining in detail all the ins and outs of the image, and in that case my questions are superfluous. The client has already considered all possibilities and presented me with a brief that allows me to use my abilities to fulfil their requirement.

Some clients have no idea or little at all, those clients are my favourite. Based on my long experience in this industry I can give them excellent advice and make their assignment very profitable and economic.

If you get asked to make photos of objects you do not like – for instance I do not like furniture except chairs – I refuse to make those images.

You can not make the best possible images of what is not within your interest.

So do ask, but stay true to yourself.


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Philogynist, pixologist, lexophile.
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One Response to Understanding your client, the big why

  1. alittlebitnaughty says:

    I like your honesty here. An important attribute for any photographer (or person) to have. It is so important to communicate clearly to people what it is that you can offer without losing your own personal and professional integrity.

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