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For many months I have been “bugged” or “reminded” by various web designers, either from India or local, when they are trying to drum up business, telling me that my website was old-fashioned and not Google friendly and that it was impossible for clients to find me.   Which is not correct, because weekly I got new business from and through my old website And of course that they would put me on number 1 position on the 1st Google page.   I was already on the 1st page for Google using my meta tags et cetera.  

Over the years I have been able to maintain my website that was once designed by a talented New Zealand web designer.  However I did lack the knowledge to create a website that was user-friendly for the current trend to use mobile apps.

I tried to work out a way to do it in Dreamweaver but it just didn’t work out very well.  In one of my newsletters that I receive to stay up-to-date with the various advances in technology relating to web design and photography and similar fields  there was a new software program mentioned that allowed you to build your own website from templates.

I’ve seen many of those, and most templates are too simple, and the choice to create something that is more personal and different from all the other ones is almost impossible.  99% of those free websites things I do not touch, you are not able to host it where you want to host it and the limitations to make it your own are almost overwhelming.  However this software program was delightfully different, it was created in Holland, I have to mention that because I’m Dutch too!

Dutch people almost never give anything away for free (my apologies to those who do), so I was a bit suspicious of how this system could work for me.  They apparently make their money from selling certain components to build your website in a more advanced and clever and attractive way so you can include more special aspects that are not available in the free version.

I downloaded the free version, and started working on it.  At present that is the website you can see at

It still needs refining, after all this is my 1st time I used the program and it is seemingly not too bad (in my eyes).  Over the next couple of weeks I will change a few things and as I can see the traffic from my website improving with more clients assigning me work I may be tempted to buy a few of those specialist “blocks” to build my website into a more refined and more complicated website.

I’ve got a problem that I’m a photographer and not a web designer, I’m very close to my own work of course and it is not easy to see it through “other eyes”. However, with so many years of experience in visual communications I am usually spot on in my design and layout. If you can spot a “glitch” – be my guest.
So, if you happen to read this, why not try to be those eyes?  Look at it from an impartial view, imagine you are my client and you want to give me some work to do.

My website gives you the confidence that if you give me work to be photographed you will be happy because your sales will increase or whatever desired effect my photography for you should have! If you do have a different opinion – and suggestions on how to improve it even more – you are welcome to let me know to reach an even higher standard.

I’m really pleased, it downloads very fast, on my iPhone and tablet and desktop all the images display correctly and quickly.
I have been trying to put links on each page so you can contact me from each page so you don’t need to go back all the way to the home page to send me an email or contact me.  In hindsight there are possibly too many words on it, after all it should be a visual medium so watch this space, well not this space but my website!

Anybody interested who is the maker of this software program it is within the body tag of the index HTML of my website.  Contact me if you don’t know how to get there, and don’t forget I love feedback on that site!


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