Beer glass and liquids

ijtje-egg-beer-feathered-ab-17Glass and liquids are always difficult to photograph, I’ll explain to you how I did make these images.
First of all you always backlight the bottle or the liquid in order to avoid reflections on the front of the class. Sorry I should start from the beginning.
Decide on the viewpoint, work out which is the best angle and shows the product to its advantage. Are there any distinguishing marks or trademarks that should be visible? Once you have decided on the viewpoint, angle, sometimes a little above the top of the product to show the depth of the bottle or glass is preferential. If you shoot straight on it may look like a “cardboard cutout”.
Camera in position on tripod, bottle in position, now you have to direct your light source onto it from the back. I had a relatively small soft box with an opaque Perspex Cover about 90 cm behind it. If you place it too close behind the bottle the light on the left and right hand side of the bottle will be too strong. Experiment with the distance until you get a lovely line at the edge of your glass showing in black.
Aim your light meter at the Perspex soft box, of course from the position of the bottle and take that exposure as your aperture setting. Shutter speed is irrelevant because you are using flash. Make sure there are no reflective objects in front and on the left and the right of the bottle it could reflect onto the glass surface…
The little droplets on the bottle were easily produced, the bottle had been sitting in the fridge for quite a while and it was relatively warm in the studio. After about 10 minutes I had enough droplets showing.
If you want to create artificial droplets, use some glycerin mixed in water and spray that onto the bottle with a fine atomiser. You have to work out in the mixture between glycerin and water, start off with a reasonable high dilution.

This is in short my approach to a lighting setup to illustrate the photograph that you see above. I used a plug-in special effect to give the bottle a furry appearance. After all the brewery uses an ostrich and ostrich egg as their trademarks, a bit of fun.


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