My review about BeArt Lightroom Landscape presets:

A request came in from BeArt-Presets ( to evaluate the Lightroom presets landscape section for BeArt-Presets.

I will not go into detail about downloading and installing these presets for Lightroom because the instructions I did receive were very explicit and accurate and so easy to follow.10 out of ten.
I am always fascinated and interested in the view of other photographers how they preview presets, after all they designing a preset to work with an unknown entity, my photograph, which they have never seen.
Upon installation the landscape preset folder of BeArt showed me all the names of the presets. And they are names of places like London, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Venice, Singapore Istanbul, Queenstown et cetera.
As I just came back from Holland and had photographed some Dutch scenes I thought I apply the filter of Amsterdam for a “cool” looking image, I associated the word Amsterdam with a certain coolness meaning temperature wise, history, and kind of bland grey skies. Well I got definitely a bland grey sky but the green grass turned into a very saturated green grass. Not really what I expected to see.
I experimented with many other “city looks”. Somehow my predetermined brain worked out that when I read the word Barcelona I would get a nice warm hot image reflecting the vibrant mood of that city. Well it did warm up a little but in a retro style. Surprise – I never expected to see a black-and-white image when I selected the city Kyoto.
I associate the climate, vibes, culture, and aspects etc. with the name of the city. For me that seems a logic association. And expect a pre-conceived or visualised colour scheme.
How wrong I was in my imagination, none of the cities responded in any which way even similar to what I thought I was going to get.
All these presets with their location names have definitely very interesting and arty preset effects. Way off the traditional hackneyed approach. But in no way I can associate the given name with the preset settings that were created. 
To visualise the selected effect I just have to hover with my mouse over the preset name so the preview window in Lightroom shows the effect. Of course such a small preview is not sufficient to see in detail what is going to happen. But it is a good start.
The advantage of these presets is that they give you a guiding line, if you are changing the presets adjustments in the right direction, you can slightly alter them to make it suit your purpose (if needed). And save them as your own new preset.
Again, my gripe is with the naming and content of the presets, when I want to work my image I want a name of the preset that roughly indicates what I’m going to get. And if the presets are stackable that would even be better. My first impressions with these landscape presets are that they are kind of subtle and effective but literally all over the place.
Grouping them in a certain way, like hot, evening, morning, cool, misty or foggy, perspective haze, crystal clear, Sahara desert rippling warm vibrations with names that reflect that kind of situation would be far more beneficial for me.
If I keep these presets on my computer I will rename them, regroup them and then it may be more workable. 
At the moment the prefix name of each preset setting is: “BeArt -Travel Hong Kong”, all listed under my BeArt landscape preset folder. 
The words BeArt and travel can be replaced with more appropriate visual indicators for a more precise workflow?
The presets are subtle, not over-the-top, they are all totally adjustable so it may give you a perfect idea to start working with.
With the abundance of free presets available for download I find this landscape preset set definitely needs to adjust a few settings as described above. It – the landscape presets – is like seasoning in my soup, but just not strong enough.
My images that I used for this evaluation were middle of the road, needing definitely an adjustment but it took me a while of applying one preset, saving and applying another preset to get the look I needed, it was faster to work with normal camera raw adjustments.
  • Naming structure.
  • Effects need to be “stronger”?
  • Effects need to be stackable.
  • Easy install.
  • Not expensive.
  • Definitely different! 
Visit to see all their other presets, quite a comprehensive collection!

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