Visual challenge

For those who follow me and my friends in photography, I have something different.

This dates from my time when I was tutoring photography and offered my students challenges to assist their solving, creating and thinking processes. Here is your challenge:

Nuts and bolts with “bokeh” (The bokeh is not the hero but setting the mood, the nuts and bolts are the feature)

Creative application or use of nuts and or bolts (This allows you to rock the boat and let go! Again the nut(s) and or bolt(s) are the feature.)

Conceptual nuts and bolts of life…. ( This is your change to make an editorial image or stock shot!)

Please post your submissions to this blog, or email me at

Your photos can be in any colour, B/W, manipulated, altered, any shape or form, as long as we have your “story” – Nuts and Bolts…

Wishing you succes!

Author: musictoyoureyez

Philogynist, pixologist, lexophile. Photographer, lightpainter

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