My film archive digitally remastered for stock.

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Mainly images shot with my Linhof Technorama, 6 x 17 cms transparencies. Digitally remastered for enhanced viewing.

An illustration for transport on the Dutch waterways, the car, bike and boat are on the boat plus freight.

A rather interesting set up showing landscape and transport in an area where the boats are locked in and lowered or raised to different water levels…

This image below is a remastered digital image. In Luminar I tweaked the contrast and structure and in D x O Nik Collection no 4 adjusted the intensities and colours, plus sharpness to my liking.

Benmorven Woolshed, historic farm building.

The landscape format is ideal almost 1:3, making visuals just wide enough to resemble our human “wide angle ” vision including the peripheral.
The landscape below was spectacular in life size, however compressed to a monitor 2028 pixels wide it lost a lot of impact, therefore a bit of retouching had to be done to make it more “visual”.

Tosca – Italy

A different image – thanks Adobe CC. Handcoloured? No. AI coloured…

Oops, a happy unforeseen coincidence on the bottom left. Was so busy framing the tower between the leaves of the tree that I did not notice this curious look. My black and white negative was taken years ago (see cars!) and scanned.
Adobe has this new neural filter which colorizes a b/w image, I am amazed at the quality… It makes a very good rendition and I am pleased. It creates that perfect nostalgic feel…

Stunning dunes surrounding a cluster of cabbage trees on a black vulcanic sandy beach at Manukau Heads, Auckland – New Zealand. Shot on Linhof Technorama 6×17, b/w Kodak 6415 film, developed in Pyro. Digitally remastered and digital coloured. It is so rewarding making images for the second time. Is this still photography? Shot about 25 years ago, re birthed today the 3rd of July 2021…

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Philogynist, pixologist, lexophile. Photographer, lightpainter

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