Many photographs of the past are hidden in my filing cabinet.
As we are in lockdown for a second time this is a good time to capitalize on my transparencies.

A second look at them will provide different insights. Perhaps I reject them, perhaps they are worth another change to be exposed. If I do not do anything with them, they will be scrapped and or given to another medium like a museum for archival values. So I have another look and decide what to do.

Image is on your lightbox…. You are not emotionally bound at “the moment of capture”, that is long gone. You can now critically examine the image from a new perspective. You may have different experiences behind you, different outlook and different means of working with analogue material that may be able to put your existing material in a new light.

I say “may”. Some purists perhaps like to keep everything original. My mind has not got that purist attitude, everything is open to change.

So lets change it, here is an out take, a colour negative that I have remastered.

The original image never made it into a portfolio, but this remake is possibly another chance to be accepted. The digital changes made the image a little more edgy, it is hard to judge as I never had a print made from the negative.

Another shot, below, part of my now established “lockdown” series:
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Day 14 of total lockdown in NZ
It is quiet out there… like here
Day 13 of lockdown,Just do it…
It is quiet out there like here…

Author: musictoyoureyez

Philogynist, pixologist, lexophile. Photographer, lightpainter

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