Play time

Some digital fun, derivations, based on actual images, but altered for
a more expressive impression.
Some images may be more suitable for a mature audience, if you do not appreciate nudity, please see my other interesting pages.
Sometimes I may offer an explanation what I filters or modifications I used, hope to keep this page alive and refreshed weekly, feedback is always welcome.

Infrared film.
Rain was added, sky was filled in with dark clouds, contrast lowered… et voila!

Enhanced soft focus, saturated contrast and border added (Auto GRFX Studio Pro got some amazing border selection)
These modifications are more subtle, contrast and softness bokeh, vignetting in 4 corners, border effect, and a glow effect on the pearls and diamond ring. About 5 different plug ins, Luminar, Viveza, DxO, Topaz, AutoGRFX, Neural filters.
Again, I stress that plug ins can go two ways, drastically change the image or enhance it into a more pleasurable viewing experience.

The image below was a black and white analogue negative, scanned and with the help of Topaz studio transformed into a visual play.

The lines were made with the “glow” plug in, edges by DxO.

Framing this “hold” puts more power into the image. Deliberately softened to heighten the impact. Again, cropping and digital manipulation made this negative come alive.

Image below is a derivation of a b/w negative, the mood has been dramatically altered by adding a polaroid frame impression and a garden of “Eden” like imprint. Not my usual style but different enough to share with you.
Notice that the left hand is not female…

This combination of layers led me to the making of the image below…
An image of autumn leaves was blended with the background only, using luminosity blend mode it made a playful impression and reduced the stark strong lines into a softer “playground”.
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