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Philogynist, pixologist, lexophile.

Beer glass and liquids

Glass and liquids are always difficult to photograph, I’ll explain to you how I did make these images. First of all you always backlight the bottle or the liquid in order to avoid reflections on the front of the class. … Continue reading

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My new website

However For many months I have been “bugged” or “reminded” by various web designers, either from India or local, when they are trying to drum up business, telling me that my website was old-fashioned and not Google friendly and that … Continue reading

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Made 2 “X mas” cards

I started with this idea, the shattering of the glass meaning the vibrant “explosive” atmosphere of X mas in the sun – wel kind off. Well, it may seem a bit busy and I always advocate less is best, and … Continue reading

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Understanding your client, the big why

It’s one of my first questions for my client. It answers why he or she needs the image. Keep asking all the “why’s” and you find out how to make the image effective. Typical questions  are: ·    Who is your … Continue reading

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Sleek lens review workflow

Sleek lens offered me recently the “through the woods” presets for Lightroom. In order to give a fair review I would like to give a little background information about myself so you know how I have evaluated this product.  I … Continue reading

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